Tips About The South Beach Diet Phase 2

Tips About The South Beach Diet Phase 2

A lot of people that are currently trying the south beach diet have created a demand for more information of the south beach diet phase 2. The south beach diet is one of the newest trends in the health industry and has been very successful for a lot of people. The best part about this diet is the fact that anyone can do it. It is not designed for a specific age group or body type. It is only designed to get your body to get use to eating healthy foods and to cut down on cravings of your unhealthy, guilty pleasure foods.

Due to the fact that this diet is a relatively new trend on the scene, there is not much detailed information available about how it works. This is especially the case for the second phase of the diet. A lot of the information that is available online doesn’t properly explain how the second phase of the diet works. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the first phase, you should research it before following the guide on the south beach diet phase 2 that is below.

During the second phase of the diet you can start to eat the foods that you cut out of your diet during the first phase. This is what most of the guides online say and this is correct, however the amount of these foods is rather unclear in most guides and tutorials. The most important thing to remember is that the second phase only allows you to eat these foods because of the success of the first phase. The south beach diet phase 2 is suppose to reinforce the things that you learned during the first phase.

When you start introducing these foods back into your diet you should only do so if you truly want to have them. They shouldn’t automatically be brought back into your diet. In fact, if you do not have any cravings for these foods and can comfortably go without, you should. This is the number one thing that is often misinterpreted in a lot of the online guides.

During the south beach diet phase 2 you should be in complete control. This means that you should not continue you with the diet if you are still having uncontrollable cravings for the foods that you cut out during phase 1. If you experience these cravings or any other lack of self control you should resort back to phase 1. In most cases the initial 2 weeks of the first phase will be enough, however some people may have to extend this period and this is fine and safe.

When the south beach diet phase 2 begins you should be paying close attention to your cravings and how many of the foods that your consuming that you originally cut of your diet during phase one. If you find yourself resorting back to your old habits you should immediately start the diet over. The second phase should last for as long as you need to reach your desired weight.