THE PIOPPI PROTOCOL – The REAL Mediterranean Diet and its lost secrets to health and longevity

World renowned British Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra joins documentary film maker Donal O’Neill on a fascinating quest to uncover, interpret and translate the misunderstood secrets of Mediterranean longevity and heart health, from the place where it all began.

The story takes us to Pioppi (Population 190), the tiny fishing village 2 hours south of Naples, officially recognised by UNESCO as the home of the Mediterranean Diet. In the 1960s, this remote Italian village was an unlikely epicentre of global nutritional research. It was from here that the iconic American scientist Ancel Keys would live and work amongst local residents, laying the foundations for a modern interpretation of the traditional Mediterranean Diet. No region – or era – has had a greater impact on global nutritional policies, but closer inspection reveals that much of the magic may have been lost in translation.

We were also featured in the NY Times!…

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