The Modified Atkins Diet

´╗┐The Modified Atkins Diet

Heard about the modified Atkins diet? This is not a new concept though, so I bet many of you have read or known something about this. This is in fact known throughout the world as the more improved version of the traditional ketogenic diet that had been applied for centuries by thousands of families throughout America and the world.

The modified Atkins diet first appeared in the scene in 2003 when the first paper stressing its nature was published. However, the root of this diet can be traced back to the time when those who have been using the ketogenic diet have stopped weighing and measuring foods and began noticing ketones still remained high and seizures restrained. The modified Atkins diet was then studied formally in both adults and children who had never attempted the ketogenic plan, and that study is what led to the publishing of the first paper stressing the importance and nature of the modified Atkins, as well as the publishing of the larger series of 20 children in 2005.

The question now is how the modified Atkins diet differs from the traditional ketogenic diet?

The foods recommended in the traditional ketogenic diet remains the same in the modified Atkins. However, certain differences between the ketogenic and modified Atkins diet have emerged and most of these are based on the restrictions maintained. In the first place, in the modified Atkins diet, there is no restriction on the calorie and fluid intake. Aside from this, no limits are set on the intake of proteins regardless of the fact that fats are strongly encouraged. Lastly, in the modified Atkins diet, the foods are not measured or weighed, but the counts of carbohydrates are controlled by the dieters themselves.

From those set of restrictions, the modified Atkins diet then encourages lots of foods that are high in fats such as eggs, mayonnaise, hamburger, bacon, oils, heavy whipping, and butter. Also, children and adults who are affected by seizures are advised to intake fluids and other flavored waters. This is basically where another differences between the ketogenic and the modified Atkins diet came out as in this modified version, the dieters are allowed to eat more foods and can even cheat with some cake and bread products, as long as the total level of carbs per day remains below the set amount prescribed.

The modified Atkins diet is now applied primarily in children and adults who are affected by seizures. There are known side effects of this version though, but generally a significant reduction on weight is observed. But still, one major fact remains that the modified Atkins diet can cause kidney ailment, which is why people who are considering it are strongly advised to consult a doctor or a dieter to identify whether the diet is best for them or not.