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Mediterranean Diet is NOT PLANT BASED (Blue Zones)

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This is a video of what I eat in a day to lose weight pretty fast on Keto/Ketogenic aka Low Carb. Please SHARE, LIKE and COMMENT if you want to see more what I eat in a day videos and recipes! I eat a WIDE variety of nutrient and mineral rich foods, so this video is just a small sample of my menu. WORKS FOR WEIGHT LOSS OR MAINTENANCE, just increase calories or fat & protein to maintain or gain muscle! Thanks 🙂 #ketoresults #ketogenicdiet

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My Original Breakfast Recipe -

2 tbsp hemp seeds 2 tbsp chia seeds sweeten to taste with stevia or any sweetener of choice 1/2 tsp cinnamon milk of choice to cover the ingredients completely

after cooking in the microwave or on the stove, add 1 tbsp of butter, and add some more milk, 1 tbsp of cottage cheese ( optional )

Contact Me: *** for business inquiries only *** I do not have the time to respond to personal emails or diet questions in my email, if you have a question for me, please leave it under my videos in the comment sections or on my Patreon page linked above.


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Kefir Recipe Video:

Fermented Veggies Recipe:

Benefits of the Keto lifestyle include but are not limited to:

• Body re-composition • Blood sugar balance and enhanced insulin sensitivity • Increased satiety and decreased food cravings • Improved energy levels, oxygen capacity, motor performance & athletic performance • Migraine treatment • Neuro-protective benefits in seizure disorders; ADHD; Alzheimer’s disease, memory and cognitive function; Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis • Autism and improved behavior and social impacts • Mood stabilization in bipolar disorder (type II) • Stroke prevention; cardiovascular disease; metabolic syndrome management; improved cholesterol levels • Inflammation management/reduction • Endurance enhancement Helps with depression and anxiety

On my channel you can expect to see me cover things like Intermittent Fasting, more on my weight loss story, Ketogenic Diet, Meal Ideas, Keto Meal Prepping, meal planning, best whole foods, weight loss tips, family life vlogs, Fasting, weight loss help, keto food lists, beauty tips, reviews, keto grocery hauls, fermented vegetables and more! Thanks for watching and joining me on my weightloss and life journey!

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4 Week Keto Diet Weight Loss Results + Low Carb Full Day Of Eating

The Keto Diet Quick Start Guide is here! Get yours - - 4 Week Keto Diet Weight Loss Results + Full Day Of Eating Video - I'm a month into my Ketogenic Weight Loss Journey and I share my results and transformation plus a full day of eating where I make Low Carb Waffles for the first time. ** Want to watch 3 New Videos Every Week? Subscribe for FREE:

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Camera Used: Panasonic Lumix LX7 - (Affiliate Link)

Thanks for watching 4 Week Keto Diet Weight Loss Results + Low Carb Full Day Of Eating! 🙂

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How to Start a Keto / Low Carb Diet!

How do you start a keto or low carb diet? Well, here are a few tips and tricks to get you going on your weight loss journey! Hope you enjoy!

List of keto friendly foods / carb counts:

Doctor Eric Westman explains a keto/low carb diet:

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Keto, low carb diets have become popular for both fat loss and muscle gain. Today, I experiment with it for the first time. We cover the pros and cons of eating high fat, low carb and my honest opinion on the Keto diet.

Recipes used in this video: Poverty Brownie: 1 Carb Waffle :

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Can I get Ketoacidosis from a low carb diet? – Ketosis VS Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)

People always freak out when I tell them I am doing keto. I even have one friend that refers to my diet as "The Ketoacidosis Diet". I can't get him to understand the difference, but maybe this will help you!

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My Favorite Low Carb Sweetener - I recommend Smackfat Ketone Strips - I use the Match DNA Milk Frother - I use NOW MCT Oil -

I'm Kevin and I have used a Ketogenic diet, Intermittent Fasting and Extended Fasting to successfully lose 160 pounds and I am still shrinking. I hope to one day be half the man I was at 400 pounds. During this journey I have learned a lot about weight loss, Metabolic syndrome, Insulin Resistance, LCHF dieting and overall health in general. I am greatly interested in continuing to learn about health related topics and sharing what I learn with others so that all of our lives can be improved. Please like and subscribe to my channel so that I can share the things I learn that I think are important for all of our well being. I would also appreciate feedback from you all so I can share it with other subscribers and we can all grow as a community. I am not a doctor. I am not licensed. I do not hold any qualifications for giving medical advice. This is an account of my own experiences and does not apply to anyone else. All information, content, and material of this channel is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider. If you have questions about your own personal situation it is recommended that you discuss them with your own licensed healthcare professional. If you think you are having an emergency, dial 911 immediately.

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Top 15 Low Carb Diet Mistakes

Are you wondering why you are not losing weight in spite of following a low carb diet? Perhaps there are a few things that you are doing wrong. Troubleshoot your weight loss stall with these top 15 low carb diet mistakes.

For the full transcript of this video and other low carb literature, recipes and tips please visit

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How I lost weight 80lbs! Keto | Low Carb

How I lost weight and how to do the keto diet low carb diet. Mom of 3, I also talk about the weightlifting I do, high intensity intervals, and my sugar addiction! Don't forget to subscribe, I upload new videos every week.

Follow me to learn more ideas on how to lose weight, how to keto, how to intermittent fast and more.

Check out my video on how my friends treated me after my weight loss and boob job. HOW I lost 80 lbs

Subscribe to my channel! send me something to my p.o. box! po box 892940 okc ok 73189 *My favorite things* Ketologie sweet like sugar and bone broth; Variety pack of sugar free syrups:( holiday) more flavors;

I love this multi vitamin;

Keto Strips to keep you on track;

The Stainless steel 5 qt mixer I use:

My FAVORITE blender the Ninja, get it here:

My fav sunless tanner, skinny tan mitt for the tanning;

My favorite coconut oil:

The best Mexican vanilla:

Almond flour that is my favorite:

My Favorite Low Carb Seasoning by Kosmos ( Gluten Free and No MSG):

MY fav beauty products I swear by for anti aging and sagging skin! MyChelle Spf 50 tinted sunscreen:

Thayer's Alcohol Free Rose Toner:

Beef Gelatin for collagen:

Amara Vitamin C plus serum for your face;

THe best dry brush for dry brushing!

Shampoo and conditioner I am using to know and it is helping me get my hair back to life! , Paul Mitchell Marula oil;

Marula oil treatment that has helped;

Trader Joes Refresh Body wash with Vitamin C:

Micro/ Derma roller kit that I use;

If you do not have a Prescription for Retin-a, you can use this retinol and it works just as good.

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Low Carb vs Keto Diet – What’s The Difference?

You've heard of low-carb diets and ketogenic diets, but do you know what makes them different?

In this video, we explain how both diets work and the level of carbohydrate grams that you need to take in to be on a keto diet vs. a low-carb diet.

You'll also gain an understanding of which diet is right for you and how to monitor your body to determine if you've reached a state of ketosis.

And, as always, you'll get to hear Dr. Keith's weight loss progress in week 19. Learn where he keeps his carb intake to continuously get rapid weight loss results every week.

To grab your copy of the 2 Fit Doc's Starter Kit, go here:

Are you up for the challenge? Take the 2 Fit Doc's 21-Day Challenge:

Want more? Join our Coaching Program:

Want to throw a party AND stick with your Keto Diet? Grab our Keto Party Plan (delicious)

More Videos:

Dr. Keith's Complete Transformation:

Definitive Test! What Can I Put in Coffee When Intermittent Fasting?

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How I Lost 170 Pounds with a Keto / Low Carb Diet!

Hey Folks!

I just wanted to make an introductory video summarizing my experience with the Ketogenic (keto) diet and the low carb lifestyle. I have lost 170 pounds in 2 years and now I weigh 150!

If you have any questions or requests for videos about the diet, let me know in the comments!!!

Best of luck in your weight loss journey! -Ally

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