Stair Lighting

Stair Lighting

Have you ever considered how important it is for your path to be illuminated? It may sound silly but tripping down the lane can lead to grave accidents to the point of risking your own life. Take for example the brainchild of the Atkins Diet, Dr. Robert. He slipped on an icy sidewalk just outside his office in New York where he sustained major injuries in the head that placed him in a comatose state.

Even if it is the modern age where electricity is found in every corner of the globe, there are still some regions that need to have great beams. If taken literally, Paris may not be among the list as it has the moniker, “City of Lights”. When speaking of residential areas, it has no exception to the issue. Inside each house, there are a lot of parts that have to be regarded especially stair lighting.

Stair lighting should all the more be considered since it is integral in every structure. Little to the knowledge of everybody, plenty of tragic incidents happen both on the top and bottom steps. Mishaps mostly occur when the foot is brought to a new level in assisting the transfer of the body weight. However, it can be avoided when a halogen type is installed. It is a safety measure that can be immediately realized. has plenty of fixtures available that can be easily recessed on the wall along the actual flight of steps. Its products can even be positioned in a manner where it can efficiently add radiance from the base to the pinnacle. Friendly to the eyesight, its items are not all too glaring. The stair lighting pieces are highly commendable to be positioned 14 inches above the third step. In such way, brightness can effortlessly be anticipated out and across the exterior.

Modern Indoor is an item that is constructed with the users’ security in mind. Do not be fooled by its small feature because when switched on, it can liven up a set of steps by mounting it 350mm above. With a front plate that is rectangular in shape, it is held strongly due to the little magnets. Price: $56. 62.

Dixie Round is an item that is ideal to be located outside as it is built to be protected from any kind of weather. A dream for every designer, this type of fixture can enhance any flight of steps. Just an advice, spacing should be at 4 feet in order to maximize its radiance. Price: $89. 06.

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