Refurbished Exercise Equipment

Refurbished Exercise Equipment

The leader in manufacturing refurbished exercise equipment, Fitness Outlet has been one of the most widely used brands in United States’ fitness industry. They are also distributors of Body Masters, Cybex, Hammer Strength, Karian, Stair Master, Keiser, Nautilus, Star Trac, Life Fitness, Precor, Schwinn and Tectrix. All of the items that will be mentioned further can be bought online, simply visit their website at to have a personal view of everything they can offer in order that you obtain that healthier body.

Fitnex E40 is among the many ellipticals that Fitness Outlet sells. It s is a refurbished exercise equipment that simply looks good as it works. With sixteen levels of resistance, its feedback includes pulse, calories, speed, distance and time. The Fitnex E40 has a cute matrix monitor that will display what has been tracked in your body as you have been sweating out. It has torque of 250watts with a maximum capacity of 300 pounds. Regular price is at $999. 00 but it can only be bought at $799. 00.

Tectrix Cybex Climbmax 150 is among the many steppers that Fitness Outlet sells. It does not give other squeaky sound upon its usage as it is designed to give that extra smooth step. With patented cable- drive mechanism, it also has patented friction braking system in more than 80 stainless steel parts. The Tectrix Cybex Climbamax 150 can be easily replaced with greasy maintenance and intensive chains with an aircraft quality cable made of steel. Its key features are program time running up to 5 to 60 minutes, speed of 10 to 150 each minute and sixteen inch step height. It is available at $1, 395. 00 but it can only be bought at $900. 00.

Life Fitness Life Stride 9100 is among the many treadmills that Fitness Outlet sells. It has a patented automatic wax lubrication system that extends to the belt and deck life. With a solid state motor controller, it eliminates wearable components. The Life Fitness Life Stride 9100 has a welded steel structure that gives added strength and stability. Regular price is at $4, 995. 00 but it can only be bought at $1, 695. 00

Star Trac V Spinner is among the many bikes that Fitness Outlet sells. It is a refurbished exercise equipment that features a distinct simulation of genuine cycling experience. With a specific bicycle geometry parameters, this ensures the security that each user has been looking for when it comes to extensive training. It also has micro- adjustments permits “dial in” each time they ride. The Star Trac V Spinner features micro adjustable seat, handlebars that allow comfort, ergonomic fit and push brake setting. It has a flywheel pattern that reduces stress on the rider’s knees with saddle attributes of an anatomical cutout to give relief in sensitive areas that have been strained by fatigue and pressure. Regular price is at $849. 00 but it can only be bought at $699. 00