Popcorn Diet: Successful Or Unsuccessful?

Popcorn Diet: Successful Or Unsuccessful?

There is a lot of confusion concerning diets around North America. One minute we are told that low carb, high fat, high protein diets are best, while the next we hear that high carbohydrate, low fat diets are the ticket to weight loss. However, there is no real secret diet that will work for everyone, and it is important to pick a diet that works well with your likes and lifestyle. In this article we will review a fad diet that was presented to consumers a couple of years back; the popcorn diet.

By now, everyone should know that fad diets fail to work because they are short term, unrealistic, and usually starvation diets that encourage our bodies to pack on the fat after we go off of them. There are some good aspects of the popcorn diet though, which includes snacking all day on air-popped popping corn. Popcorn is very high in dietary fiber which is key for losing weight because of it’s ability to make out stomachs feel fuller for longer without the added calories. Fiber is also essential in maintaining regular bowel health, preventing heart disease and certain cancers. Popcorn is also extremely low in calories which makes it a great food to snack on if you get the munchies.

On the down side however, most people don’t really like the taste of plain popcorn because it is really dry and bland. So instead of having a healthy low calorie snack, they load it up with butter and salt which makes it extremely high in sodium and in many cases, higher in fat than potato chips. Eating an excessive amount of corn can block the absorption of vitamin B, which can result in anemia, low energy levels, skin rashes, depression and short term memory loss.

Don’t let this turn you off from popcorn though! Popcorn can be a great contribution to your diet, and a little salt and butter once in a while won’t kill you either. Just remember, humans can’t live on popcorn alone, and this is why the “popcorn diet” is yet another failed fad. It is also important to note that popcorn belongs in the top five foods that children choke on under the age of five, so refrain from giving your little one popcorn until he/she is older, and make sure you don’t leave any popcorn laying around.