Paleo Diet Ruined My Health – Here’s Why!

Paleo Diet had a detrimental effect on my health and since I made the original video about why I quit the diet, I’ve been trying to understand why Paleo diet failed me so much. I also received hundreds of comments and emails from people trying to guess the reasons for my issues. It’s two years down the line now, and my recovery from low carb eating is almost over (important to note here that what I call low carb in this case is 100-150g of carbs – for Paleo diet this is on the higher side). I’ve got a lot of insight into my health issues and how my body works during this recovery period, and I think it’s important to share this information with you. The truth is that I’ve received a lot of similar testimonials from people, so I’m not the only person whose health was ruined by Paleo diet. If you’re suffering from side effects of Paleo or low carb diet yourself, or if you’re just starting out with the diet, I hope you’ll keep this information in mind just in case things start going downhill for you like they did for me.

Reasons why Paleo diet ruined my health:
1. It slowed my thyroid
2. It worsened my adrenal health
3. It’s low in magnesium
4. It pushed me towards overtraining
5. It goes completely against my heritage
6. It’s high in fructose (if you want to obtain enough carbs) and is a nightmare for anyone with fructose/FODMAP malabsorption

The original video Why I Quit the Paleo Diet:

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