Paleo Diet For Endurance-Tom Wyles Takes on Marathon des Sables –

Hi Guys. As we prepare to take on 13.5, CrossFit 1664 box owner prepares to forego his ranking in the open and makes his way to the Sahara desert to take on the toughest footrace on earth; Marathon Des Sables. I’ve been working personally with Tom on his paleo nutrition for this event to ensure that he is fully ready.
As you’ll see in the video, he undertook a metabolic test which provided us with a great insight into how his body would be functioning during the race and it turns out that in any heartrate up to 161 beats per minute, Tom was predominatly a FAT burner. Tom burns 11.7 calories per minute…10.4 calories are from FAT!
For Tom to acheive the 161 beats per minute he would have to be running 7 minute miles, which, in the desert undertaking 6 marathons in 6 days is pretty unsustainable, but this further solidifies the fast that Tom will be a fat burner for almost the entire event.
MdS is a completely self sufficient race, meaning you must carry all your equipment and food for the entire 6 days on your back, so interestingly, as well as being much healthier, ensuring he has enough fat, protein and carbs, by going paleo his pack will be nearly 2kg lighter for the entire event! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW then check out the recipes below!

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