Mediterranean diet for weight loss, what’s good, what’s bad, and why you should stop dieting.

There are all kinds of diets for weight loss, such as Atkins, The Zone, Vegetarian, Weight Watchers, South Beach and Mediterranean Diet, but i say that there is no good diet, only sensible eating. However, Mediterranean Diet is the one that fits the description of “sensible eating” the most .

Mediterranean Diet has good varieties of protein from different sources: meat, nuts and fish. Fish has omega-3, its big +, because it considered to be a “good fat”

Mediterranean Diet has legumes and beans: source of protein and fibers.

Mediterranean Diet has complex carbohydrates (i like it.)

Mediterranean Diet has a lot of vegetables.

Mediterranean Diet has olive oil, again big plus!

Mediterranean Diet has red wine! and if you can limit your consumption to 2 oz, it could be very beneficial as a source of anti-oxidants.

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