Low Carb Diet for 30 Days (Before/After Pics) + Dos & Donts

FORGOT TO POINT OUT: You can have certain fruits, just very little amounts. Remember, sugar converts to carbs, so do the math guys! As long as you’re staying at or below 20 net carbs, anything should be fine to eat.

Hey! Just wanted to point out that Google is your friend guys! Do your research, listen to other people’s stories before you try this diet.
I also what to make it known that everything spoken about in the video is about MY experience with low carbing, everyone’s experience is different.

Meal Ideas:
Breakfast –
1. Omelet w/ bacon & cheese
2. Eggs & bacon/sausage
3. Low carb pancakes (With coconut flour or almond flour… there’s plenty of recipes online)
Lunch –
1. Steak w/ veggies
2. Chicken Alfredo without the noodles
3. Grilled Chicken stir fry
4. Chipotle Chicken Bowl
5. Meat balls
Dinner –
1. Steak
2. Bakes Chicken w/ broccoli
3. Chicken & Spinach Salad
4. Beef / Chicken with cheese wrapped in low carb tortilla
Snacks –
1. Cottage Cheese
2. Jerky
3. Boiled Eggs
4. String Cheese
5. Sugar Free Jello

18 Low Carb Desert Ideas:

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