Lactose Free Whey Protein

Lactose Free Whey Protein

There are certain people who are lactose intolerant or have developed an allergy towards the primary sugar found in milk, which is lactose. This is usually diagnosed during infancy, and most children are able to outgrow this condition, however there are just some people who suffer extreme conditions that triggers some health complications that can even be life threatening. These people are doomed to stir clear from any form of milk in their diet, which is a very difficult predicament since most of the food products contain milk whether we know it or not.

This general avoidance of milk, particularly lactose would make it impossible for a person to meet his or her daily dietary requirement, especially the vitamins and minerals that can be derived from drinking milk. This would mean virtually depriving the human body some of the important vitamins and minerals that a person would need in order for the body to function properly. However, there are formulations that are especially created for people to have an extreme sensitivity to lactose, such as the lactose free whey protein health drinks that are currently in abundance in the market. Some of these health concentrates are not just free of lactose but there are even a few who claim to be totally cholesterol free. A very significant feature that most people would want to take advantage of in view of the many diseases that are proliferating nowadays.

Like other whey protein supplements, shakes and concentrates, the lactose free whey protein drinks is primarily used to build muscle mass and boost the body’s immune system. This means lactose intolerant individuals can now enjoy the goodness and benefits of whey protein without suffering from upset stomach, loose bowel movements or other serious health ailments that can be directly attributed to milk and milk products.

All lactose free whey protein products undergo a process called microfiltration, which basically uses a ceramic filter to eliminate fat and lactose to isolate the protein maintaining its most purest and natural state. This would result to 94 grams of protein for every 100 grams of whey powder, practically free of lactose, fat and carbohydrates. This products is especially appealing to people who are under an Atkins diet or nay other ketogenic diet that are so popular nowadays.

Gone were the days when lactose intolerant individuals are forced to rob their body important vitamins and minerals that are critically needed to maintain good health and well being. With lactose free whey protein products, even the most lactose sensitive person will be able to benefit from the innumerable advantages of increasing the consumption of whey protein in the body.