Industrialized Countries Use American Diet Based On Junk Science

Industrialized Countries Use American Diet Based On Junk Science

Industrialized countries use an American diet that is based on junk science. The biggest cause of health problems in America is the nation’s food supply. Research points to the risk of disease from consuming the diet that is prevalent in the industrialized countries. These studies reach the conclusion that a high fat diet with lots of fat from red meat consumption is the culprit. Other studies point to a diet high in red meat consumption as a cause of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Most of the diets also included processed foods and sugar.

A new study of older Chinese women who eat a western-style diet loaded with fats, meats and sweets shows that they have a higher risk for breast cancer, than those women who eat a traditional diet of soy and vegetables. Does that mean that the Eskimos or early Native Americans had a high rate of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol? They did not exhibit the poor health or obesity facing the industrial world’s population. Yet their diet was high in fat from animal sources.

The indigenous people of the world did not eat a processed food diet. They ate meat from animals that consumed their natural diet. They were not fed grain, antibiotics or hormones to fatten them up. When you eat meat from an animal that was raised on grain you are consuming a diet high in omega 6 fats. This is what causes the many health problems. The reason for the junk science is the lack of understanding that comes from using the American way of eating for guidance.

To think that this is anything more than junk science based on junk food is foolish. A healthy diet is food in its unprocessed form. The nutrients with the right ratio of fats are there for a reason. They are in a form where all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes work together for proper digestion and assimilation. Since the food manufacturers are busy trying to alter our food supply for cheaper production cost and higher yield we are going to get genetically engineer “food.”

With cattle they want to fatten them as fast as the can, by any means possible. The difference between animals that are grass-fed and an animal that is grain-fed is enormous.

Enormous is the operative word here. The cattle are fattened with a high grain diet. They are mammals and so are humans. So, if grain makes cattle fat what do you think makes us fat? To add insult to injury they throw in some hormones to be sure they get fat fast enough. Red meat consumption studies do not take in to consideration these factors.

Now we get the grain and hormones when we consume meat. Now for the fun part post-menopausal women who were overweight showed a 60 percent greater risk of developing the most common kind of breast cancer, the kind fueled by the hormone estrogen. The meat will get the blame. However, grass fed beef and lamb lower all the risk factors for the diseases that plague the westernized nations of the world.

No wonder the public has a blind eye for these reports. They are confusing and contradictory. The studies that are for public health recommendations must address these issues. The contradictory research that comes out of these studies is unlikely to help anyone understand good sound nutrition. These studies are based on the American diet industries use of junk science.