How Long Should You Stay On The Atkins Diet

How Long Should You Stay On The Atkins Diet

The amount of time of how long should you stay on the Atkins diet varies based on your goals and nutritional desires. The average length is six months to a year, but this is subject to fluctuation. The biggest determining factors will be not only your goals but also what your body can take. For instance, you want to clean your body of carbohydrates, adjust your insulin levels naturally, and then maintain your diet.

Maintaining your diet is difficult for many, as they believe that after doing a week or two of the Atkins diet he or she is able to return and things are now just fine. While is possible to lose a few pounds by doing this, more often you gain back what you lost and more by stopping the practice right in the middle. This can be frustrating to individuals and make them feel like the diet is not working when in actuality it is their own behavior that is preventing the diet from working. This creates a defeating image that will prevent him or her from attaining their goals without calling in assistance.

The Atkins diet has a four-step process that must be followed in order to attain maximum results. If the user deviates from this process, he or she will have to restart over by beginning from the first phase all over again. This is why it is so important to stick to the schedule and not allow small desires to interfere with the process. If followed correctly, the Atkins diet will provide more weight loss than other programs.

How long should you stay on the Atkins diet will need to be professionally answered by your doctor. However, with the Atkins diet you will be able to monitor your own progress with only minor consultations by your doctor, which is a nice addition that is provided, which other diets that are on the same level do not offer. If you are unsure of any potential health problem at any time during your treatment, be sure to describe it to your doctor in order to stay abreast of any potential life threatening conditions that may arise.

If you are a diabetic or hypoglycemic, you may be forced to stay on the Atkins diet permanently with a number of minor customizations. This in itself can be quietly intimidating but it is worth it if you are able to find the level that is right to help control your blood sugar level. The Atkins diet is all about controlling the sugar levels around us and integrating it into our everyday meals in order to benefit from the purpose of the diet, regardless of age or circumstance.

Determining how long you should stay on the Atkins diet may not be a question you can answer right away, but if you stick to the plan and trust your body, you will be able to make all of the difference.