Herbal slimming tablets

Herbal slimming tablets

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Herbal slimming tablets

There are a number of herbal slimming tablets which you can use instead of prescription drugs. Some of them are proven effective, others remain to be seen. Before you use these herbal slimming tablets, make sure that the ingredients in them would not result to possible side effects. And also, that you have exhausted other more healthful means such as eating more foods with low glycaemic index, doing more exercises, low calorie diet, cutting fatty food intake, avoid skipping meals and other natural slimming plans. The following are the herbal slimming tablets in the market today:

Adios. These herbal slimming tablets contain butternet, dandelion root, boldo and focus. It is used to speed up metabolism and burn fat more efficiently to be able to lose weight.

Bional Apple Slim Xtra. These herbal slimming tablets coming apple vinegar extract, vitamins, chromium nicotinate and selenium. It supports the metabolism of body fat and promotes food movement through the small intestine.

Chromium Picolinate. Chromium is a component in a number of slimming tablets. Chromium may aid in controlling blood sugar levels and reduce insulin levels which makes burning fat more efficient.

Citrimax (HCA). This is a popular and standard ingredient in a number of slimming tablets. It is derived from dried rind of Asian fruit called Garcinia cambogia. It is used to regulate appetite, stops sweet food cravings, stimulates metabolism and uses body’s fat stores to provide energy.

Figure Trim CLA Formula. These herbal slimming tablets combine conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is a type of fat with chromium and lecithin. It is used to maintain balance between lean muscle and body fat.

Holland & Barratt 7 Day Souper Cabbage Diet System. These herbal slimming tablets contain onion, green pepper, celery, tomato, carrot, courgette and cabbage.

Holland & Barrett Fibre Diet. These herbal slimming tablets combine a blend of fibre from vegetables, grains and citrus fruits that make you feel full.

Lipoclear XLS. These herbal slimming tablets contain chitosan which is a fibre extract from the shells of shrimp. Chitosan is believed to bind fat from food and stops it from being absorbed so that it passes the digestive tract and is expelled through the stool.

Phase 2 Starch Neutaliser. The Atkins Diet in a pill. These herbal slimming tablets holds concentrated extract of white kidney bean that is believed to neutralize the starch-digesting enzyme called alpha amylase preventing carbohydrates from being broken down into glucose and passing it through the digestive tract as extra fiber.

Powerhealth Slim Nite. These herbal slimming tablets contains three amino acids ornithine, arginine and carnitine. Carnitine is believed to be vital in converting stored fat into energy. Ornithine and arginine are used for metabolism.

Xenadrine EFX. These are popular herbal slimming tablets that contain mixture of green tea extract, yerba mate and bitter orange that burn fat fast.
Zotrim. These are herbal slimming tablets that contain extracts of three South American herbs, yerba mate, guarana and damiana. It gives you a feeling of being full thereby stops craving for food.