Do You Need Extreme Exercise For Weight Loss

Do You Need Extreme Exercise For Weight Loss

Those who want to lose weight usually want to start seeing results fairly fast. If you don’t begin to see some weight loss results then you tend to lose motivation and give up. If you are looking to lose big numbers fast you may be thinking you need extreme exercise for weight loss. You may believe that lots of exercise will be best for the best results.

This isn’t always the case though as over exercising is not always good for you. If you throw yourself suddently into extreme exercising when your body is not use to exercise then you could end up with an injury that will then prevent you from doing further exercise for a while.

You may have heard of workout routines being referred to as ‘extreme exercise’ but it isn’t usually extreme forms of exercise but it refers to simple exercises done to an extreme level. For example, instead of jogging on the treadmill for half an hour you may jog for 2 or 3 hours.

Some people may benefit from this type of extreme exercise but most people won’t. Most people, particularly those who have not exercised for a long time, wil burn themselves out or even end up with an injury by doing this type of exercise. Although exercising steady and slow will take longer to lose weight, it is the best way to go for long term weight loss.

It is unfortunate that most people tend to be in a big hurry to lose weight and don’t have enough patience to take the slow and steady route. They want quick results and want to exercise in this extreme way thinking that they will have good results fast, but it doesn’t usually happen that way.

Putting on weight doesn’t happen overnight and so losing it won’t happen overnight either. No matter how much exercise you do you will not lose all that weight fast. The only thing that you do by jumping full force into exercise is risk injury.

When your body is not use to exercising it will become tired, strained and you may also burn out very quickly and then you won’t want to continue exercising. If walking for 30 minutes a day isn’t enough for you so you walk for 2 or 3 hours a day instead, you will soon get sick of so much walking and you become tired of it and will soon give up. Whereas 30 minutes of walking a day is very achievable for anyone and you are much more likely to stick with this routine long term.

If you have been exercising for a while and are quite fit then extreme exercise may be an option. But even those who are very fit can still overdo it and end up damaging their body. For those who aren’t fit and are overweight then there really is not any extreme exercise routines that your body will be able to handle.

Doing too much too soon or too fast will only risk injury to your body and as well as exercising fast you can lose moral very fast. When you find you can’t keep up with the extreme rate you may become dejected about your physical state and your inability to keep up with your exercise plan. If you start off slow and steady you will keep up and you can feel good about yourself and your ability to exercise at that pace.

Sure walking for 30 minutes is not as impressive as running a marathon but remember that people who run marathons have been running for a long time and have trained long and hard to do it. They didn’t start out at marathon level and it is unrealistic to expect to do that. You will only become discouraged if you set your goals too high and start training at an extreme rate that your body is not ready for.