Colon Detox Diet

Colon Detox Diet

The colon is one of the vital organs in the gastrointestinal tract, and sadly one of the most neglected. Most people share the common false impression that the bowel is a self-cleansing organ in the body. In an ideal world, one’s diet will comprise high in fiber food products such as fruits and vegetables. However, in reality this is sadly not the case. Mostly, Americans consume more meat protein and processed food with little fiber content that can cause ‘clogging’. Poor and unbalanced diet can aggravate digestion and increase the toxic wastes that are precursors of colon problems and diseases in other organs of elimination in the body, such as the liver and kidneys.

Since the colon acts as the sewage system of the human body, it is quite important to keep it in a particularly good condition. A study in Europe conducted by the Royal Societ of Medicine has identified 36 highly dangerous toxins that can be produced in the colon.

The Colon Detox Diet can help you effectively eliminate some of the harmful toxins that have accumulated through the years. Adherence to this diet can potentially help you achieve optimum health. So, what does this Colon Detox Diet consists? Fortunately, unlike other highly expensive diet plans, the Colon Detox Diet is quite simple to follow with food products readily available in the market or even in your kitchen.

Fruits and Juices- we all know that our body can greatly benefit from eating fruits. One great advice is to eat fruits and drink lots of water for breakfast, since they are best eaten on an empty stomach. You can also buy fresh fruit juices and consume and try to consume one liter everyday. This will work wonders for you and promote better bowel movement too.

Vegetables- mostly all vegetables are generally good but with the Colon Detox Diet you will have to avoid starchy vegetables such a potatoes and parsnips and instead include raw vegetables and salads, which are a healthier options. If you don’t want to eat raw vegetables, you can steam it so as to retain its goodness. Fibers derived from vegetables will act as intestinal broom that will help in cleansing your intestine.

Herbs- there are some available herbal medicines in the market today that are specifically created to cleanse the colon and the gastrointestinal tracts. It would be a good idea to incorporate it in your Colon Detox Diet. Herbs such as turkey rhubarb, bayberry and ginger are greatly beneficial in improving blood circulation and cleaning the colon.

While you are on a detoxification diet, avoid meat since it is relatively difficult to digest and can produce acids that will mean more hard work fir you body. If you find it hard to stay away from meat products, try to cut down your intake and gradually try to exclude it in your food list.

Dairy products are a staple in the American diet, however it is quite surprising to know that there are a larger number of American who are victims of osteoporosis as compare to Chinese who are not avid milk drinkers! This is mainly because the calcium in dairy products is not the type that can easily be absorbed in the body.

Side from these, if you want you Colon Detox Diet program to successfully eliminate all the toxins in your body, you will also have to avoid bread, tea and coffee since they are basically bad for your colon.