Colloidal Silver Diet for Disease Prevention

Colloidal Silver Diet for Disease Prevention

Colloidal silver, although highly considered as a natural antibiotic, was used by many people since 1939 as a dietary supplement. Many have said that it is a good supplement for a perfect diet as it is capable of boosting the systems in the body for them to function properly. It helps to strengthen the immune system, in particular, then leaving the person capable of handling all types of diseases, whether mild or serious. Well, it is this application basically which leads to the concept of colloidal silver diet.

The colloidal silver diet is basically not a diet fad that follows certain rules and guidelines. It does not emphasize certain foods to eat and foods to avoid, unlike a regular diet plan. What is basically involved in the colloidal silver diet is the consumption of nutritional foods capable of giving the body enough energy. There are no restrictions on the foods to eat though, but the colloidal silver diet advises the person considering it to take enough amounts of colloidal silver as a form of supplement.

The colloidal silver is taken as a dietary supplement for several good reasons. One of the most well-known is the claim that the colloidal silver diet when taken regularly at proper dosage can help fight against infection, diseases, viruses and even toxicity. This is basically where the idea of colloidal silver diet as an immune system booster comes in.

Several other researches have revealed that the colloidal silver diet is a potent fighter for burn toxicity. This idea comes from the several claims holding that colloidal silver can heal even the most serious burns caused by certain accidents, without even damaging the cells. As what many experts have said, those who have taken colloidal silver along with a proper diet have greater chances of surviving from major burns than those who do not. The scars left by burns can even be treated by it by bringing the dead cells back to life again.

There is more to be said about the colloidal silver diet. But what is more important to note is that although the diet has a lot of great things to offer, there are also certain aspects of it that are to some degree not favorable. What I am trying to say here is that just like the rest of medical drugs and supplements, the colloidal silver diet has its own risks. Worse is that the intake of colloidal silver can lead to certain complications, especially if it is not taken at exact amounts.

For such fact, it is always important to talk with your medical specialist first before considering the diet. This is important to determine exactly whether the diet is appropriate for you or not. Yes, the colloidal silver diet is not for everyone. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are, for instance, not allowed to take it for possible complications. So if your condition does not call for it, then there’s no reason for you to take it.