Cholesterol Diet (2)

Cholesterol Diet

Got heart problems? Watching your cholesterol intake? Worry no more. If you already have heart disease or at high risk of developing one, it is recommended that you go on a cholesterol diet. Cholesterol diet is a low fat diet that will reduce your blood cholesterol level. It will minimize the chance of having a future heart attacks and other heart disease.

If you want to go on a cholesterol diet you should minimize your intake of the day’s total saturated fat calorie by 7% and fat by 25-35 percent. Limit your sodium intake by 2400 milligrams daily. You must have enough calories for you to maintain a healthy weight and your blood cholesterol level. Ask your physician or dietician to what is your appropriate calorie level.

If your blood cholesterol is not low enough on your cholesterol diet, ask your doctor what is the suitable level of soluble fiber for you; or you can just add some cholesterol-lowering food products on your cholesterol diet.

If you want to dine out and still stick on your cholesterol diet, here are some tips for you to follow so that you will be able to maintain your cholesterol diet.
* Find out which restaurants have low saturated fat and have a low cholesterol menu.
* Sharing your dish with your companion or taking some home is advisable, better yet, you can also ask for appetizer-size servings or a side dish.
* Ask to separate the gravy, butter, rich sauces and dressings. You can control your cholesterol and saturated fat much easier that way.
* Ask the extras (salad, fries, baked potato) to be left off or substitute them.
* If you are craving for pizza, order the one that has vegetable toppings (green pepper, onions, and mushrooms) instead of meat or extra cheese. Or to make it easier for you, order it with half of the cheese or no cheese at all.
* If your dining on a fastfood restaurant, order salads, grilled skinless chicken sandwiches (fried and breaded are a no no), regular-sized hamburgers or roast beef sandwiches. Avoid large burgers, sandwiches and french-fries.
* Choose the dishes that are cooked on a low cholesterol method (broiled, steamed, au jus, garden fresh, baked, roasted, poached, tomato juice, dry boiled and lightly saturated)
* Be mindful of dishes that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol. (butter sauce, fried, crispy, creamed, au gratin, au fromage, escalloped, parmesan, hollandaise, béarnaise, marinated, stewed, basted, sautéed, casserole and pastry crust)

Take note that if you lose weight, your calorie needs will also be lowered. It will decrease the amount of saturated fat and the fat that you will be able to consume on the cholesterol diet. Don’t hesitate to consult your physician or dietician if you have questions regarding your cholesterol diet.