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Debunking The Paleo Diet

In 1985 a leading article was published claiming that all chronic diseases are a result of us diverting our eating habits away from the prehistoric diets (developed during the Stone Age) to the refined and processed things we call “food” today.

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This initial article from 1985 has led to fierce debate in the academic community ever since. Many of these academics call for a return to these prehistoric eating patterns so that we become more like our “hunter-gatherer” relatives and consume diets based on: nuts, vegetables, fruits and lean meats. But is this argument legitimate and does it stand up to scrutiny?

Our nutritional requirements were established in our prehistoric past. The problem presented today is trying to establish which prehistoric past that was. These nutritional requirements have been developed over 25 million years, yet those in favour of returning to the “paleo diet” have singled out the last 2 million years as the main reason we were able to evolve into what we are today. But they have glossed over the other 23 million years as if it was inconsequential.

And these initial 23 million years of our evolution may hold the key to explaining why we are so susceptible to disease today. Heart disease, for example, is only a relatively recent phenomenon. For most of our evolution, our bodies weren’t exposed to cholesterol through dietary intake. No burgers, bacon, butters or trans-fats. Today our bodies produce 1000mg of cholesterol a day (in the liver).

This cholesterol enables the body to make Vitamin D, make hormones, create bile salts (to assist with digestion) and build cell walls. Our bodies didn’t just evolve to produce cholesterol, it evolved to re-use, preserve and hold on to it. A delicate eco-system. We know that throughout history that any time this delicate eco system has been over-burdened we run into health problems. For example, Henry VIII and those who surrounded him ate a diet “fit for kings”.

A diet primarily based on meat, cholesterol and high levels of protein. And look what that diet did for his health and those who surrounded him. Yet the common peasant with no access to meat developed far fewer food related diseases. Yes, there were obviously great health and disease problems during these periods, but they were not attributable to food and high levels of cholesterol!

Now fast forward to the last 100 years. Look what happened during the second world war. For example, when Germany invaded Norway, it had a dramatic impact on life expectancy. The Germans took all the livestock to feed their soldiers. What happened to the life expectancy of the Norwegians during this period?……It increased by eight years.

What happened when the war finished and the Norwegians returned to cholesterol and saturated fat?…… Life expectancy went back to pre-war levels. You can also see this correlation in Japan over the last 40 years. The standard Japanese diet (for thousands of years) has consisted of mainly fruits, vegetables, and a little fish.

They have been the longest living people for hundreds of years. Then introduce more meat, cholesterol and saturated fats and life expectancy begins to fall. So if you think of the body as a cholesterol recycling system and you dump eggs, sausage, bacon and saturated fats into it, then its no wonder heart disease is now the leading cause of death globally. We are all eating the diet of “kings”! Our bodies simply cannot handle it.

Have you ever wondered why carnivorous animals don’t experience heart disease (unless domesticated and fed domesticated processed diets) despite consuming massive amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats? You could literally feed a lion a 1000 zebra burgers worth of cholesterol a day (if they could eat that amount :)) and the lion would just continue to be happy without developing atherosclerosis.

Their bodies are designed to process and remove cholesterol, a trait that is lacking from our bodies. If the “paleo” diet is the optimum diet for health and longevity then why haven’t our bodies better adapted to meat consumption over the last 2 million years? Why aren’t we better equipped to remove the excess saturated fats and cholesterol from our bodies? And why haven’t the genes of those who developed heart disease (and had heart attacks) died off and been replaced by those that would enable you to live to a ripe old age with clean arteries regardless of dietary intake?

Well the answer is quite simple. It comes down to the genetics and lifespan of our pre-historic ancestors. They never lived long enough to develop heart disease. In prehistoric times when life expectancy was 20-25, the genetics passed on were from those who managed to reach the age of reproduction by any means necessary.

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What is the Paleo Diet: All You Need to Know!

In this video I take a look at what is the paleo diet and any of the pros that you can expect to get from going on the diet. There is quite a bit to cover so I will just touch on most of the basics.

Full Guide:

As you may or may not have heard paleo is a great way to lose weight, get fit and increase your overall health. There are many aspects to the diet that may be a little overwhelming at first but once you have the basics down pat it’s pretty easy to follow.

The Paleolithic diet is based off the human diet of our ancestors 10,000 years ago. The overall idea is that they lacked a lot of the modern diseases we face today with the modern diet being partly to blame. In theory returning to our roots and eating fresh unprocessed food should help our bodies better consume and utilise the food we eat whilst also avoiding a lot of toxins.

As you have probably worked out by the video and the paragraph above is that this means you will need to cook from scratch. It also means the removal of any processed foods such as any kind of grain product, dairy, sugar and much more.

All this is pretty important in understanding what is the paleo diet and how it can benefit you. There is one huge point that a lot of people following this diet would say and that is to make sure that you keep following the diet past your goals. If you stop as soon as you get to your goal weight or feeling better than you’re likely to fall into old habits and lose all your hard work. Just something important to keep in mind for not just this diet but any diet.

Now I hope the video covers everything there is to know about what is the paleo diet and any other small basics you need to know. If you have some feedback or noticed something I said is wrong, then please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below or over at

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Paleo Diet For Endurance-Tom Wyles Takes on Marathon des Sables -

Hi Guys. As we prepare to take on 13.5, CrossFit 1664 box owner prepares to forego his ranking in the open and makes his way to the Sahara desert to take on the toughest footrace on earth; Marathon Des Sables. I've been working personally with Tom on his paleo nutrition for this event to ensure that he is fully ready. As you'll see in the video, he undertook a metabolic test which provided us with a great insight into how his body would be functioning during the race and it turns out that in any heartrate up to 161 beats per minute, Tom was predominatly a FAT burner. Tom burns 11.7 calories per minute...10.4 calories are from FAT! For Tom to acheive the 161 beats per minute he would have to be running 7 minute miles, which, in the desert undertaking 6 marathons in 6 days is pretty unsustainable, but this further solidifies the fast that Tom will be a fat burner for almost the entire event. MdS is a completely self sufficient race, meaning you must carry all your equipment and food for the entire 6 days on your back, so interestingly, as well as being much healthier, ensuring he has enough fat, protein and carbs, by going paleo his pack will be nearly 2kg lighter for the entire event! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW then check out the recipes below!

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Unbelievable, INSPIRING Testimonials From Paleo Diet Plan Successes is YOUR guide to building a healthy, healing, delicious paleo diet plan. Grab your copy and let's begin a wonderful lifestyle! Please like, share, subscribe and comment. We LOVE to read your feedback and personal stories. Thank you!

In this video, we share 3 life changing stories about people who completely turned their life around using a paleo diet. People who wonder what is the paleo diet plan and what can it do for them need to look no further than these wonderful people. I personally lost over 40 lbs and was able to cure my acid reflux just by staying away from toxins like lectins found in grains, etc...

To find out more, PLEASE check out our blog above and begin your journey to more energy, clarity, happiness and success.

Life changing testimonials with the paleo diet:

Katie's transformation- Jamison's INCREDIBLE 100 lb weight loss in 1/2 a year- Ella's story and many, many, many more-

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“Pesavo 100 Kg, ero sempre stanca ma con la Paleo Diet….”

Testimonianza di Daniela Mori al GeoPaleo Diet di Milano 2017.

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Paleo Diet – 130 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

Paleo Diet Plan:

The Paleo Diet Plan has helped so many people with health issues and lose weight, as this is pure healthy eating.

This diet really is worth looking into if you are serious about changing your life.

Free Recipes:

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My Vegan Diet is More Paleo Than ‘The Paleo Diet’

A nutrient comparison of my whole food vegan diet, the modern "Paleo Diet", and paleolithic diets according to a study by Stanley Eaton (a paleo movement researcher!). I also cover why grains were an undeniable part of human history. Sources Below: Paleolithic Review by Stanley Eaton: if you want to try it for yourself.

Ideal Levels of Bad cholesterol by Loren Cordain:

Study showing Vegan "bad cholesterol" is Ideal:

Grains 24,00 years ago:

Grains 40,000 years ago:

Grains 105,000 years ago:

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The Paleo Diet! Why It Sucks!

Any Questions or Suggestions?

email - Twitter - @BradleyAJohnson - Instagram - @BradleyAidanJohnson - Facebook - MyFitnessPal -

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8 COMMON MISTAKES we all make on the Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP)

In this Adamimmune I share the top 8 common mistakes we all make on the autoimmune paleo diet (AIP). I have personally made all of these mistakes at some point. The point of this list is to help people understand that everyone is going through this, and that mistakes are completely normal. It's what we do after we mess up, that's most important.

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Eating the way I do doesn't necessarily guarantee you autoimmune remission, but it has helped many people. AIP is a system of trial and error, and everyone's food triggers can be different. If you have any hesitations about changing your diet and lifestyle, consult a function medicine doctor-they look for the root cause of diseases. I am happily in autoimmune remission and on a great weight loss journey, I want to thank you for watching my videos and subscribing-it means the world to me!

I have suffered with stage 3 Hidradenitis Suppurativa all of my life, along with GERD and quite possibly other undiagnosed autoimmune issues. This is the best time of my life thanks to the Autoimmune Paleo (Protocol) Diet. I hope you find the same miracle that I did. Never give up.


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