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Week 2 on the Paleo Diet

Nom Nom Paleo book: Halfway through our Paleo experiment, and Mama's in desperate need of some sexy food!!!

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How to make Momma Cherri’s keto / paleo diet crispy curly Kale chips

Momma's on a diet! I'm on a paleo / keto diet. That means no more crisps / potato chips. I needed a healthy snack alternative for my late night munching sessions. This kale dish is PERFECT.

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How The Paleo Diet Causes Accelerated Aging. Shocking Before and Afters!

Thinking of trying the paleo diet? Think again. In these shocking before and after photos, you can see that meat eaters age far more rapidly than vegans. Before and afters don't lie, paleo is not anti aging, it causes accelerated aging and organ failure. See how Mark Sisson and David Getoff along with Natasha McBride and Art Devany are aging so much faster than vegans of the same age like Lou Corona, Annette Larkins and Karen Calabrese. It's scary! Not if you go vegan of course 😉

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