Bowflex Exercise Equipment

Bowflex Exercise Equipment

Taking pride in being the first in the home gym business, the Bowflex exercise equipment brand by Nautilus has come up with yet another competitive product to get you fit in no time – the Bowflex Power Pro Xt.

The Bowflex Power Pro Xt or the Bowflex Power Pro Xtreme has all the standard features that all Bowflex exercise equipment have. This means that Bowflex Power Pro Xt guarantees results in just six weeks or you get your money back in full.

Aside from that, the Bowflex Power Pro Xt comes with both Lat and Squat stations. With its specially designed X-shaped base, this Bowflex exercise equipment gives you the perfect stability for serious strength training. The Bowflex exercise equipment Power Pro Xt series also have upright seating position styled after those found in gyms for easier maneuverings and greater accommodation for all your exercise needs.

The Bowflex Power Pro XtLU

The newest of the Bowflex exercise equipment Power Pro Xt series is the top-of-the-line Bowflex Power Pro XtLU. Designed for serious workouts, the Bowflex Power Pro XtLU includes such special features as the integrated Lat Tower with angled lat bar so you can start building your back and shoulder muscles quickly.

And if it’s your glutes that worries you, this newest Bowflex exercise equipment model has the perfect solution. It has upper and lower body squat stations that not only work on your glutes, but on your hamstrings and quads as well.

For leg muscle power, the new Bowflex exercise equipment gives you its Leg Attachment feature. This allows you to extend and curl your legs for better muscular development. In addition to that, this Bowflex exercise equipment lets you do 65 gym-quality exercises with its Multiple Cable and Pulley Positions, allowing for greater customizing options.

The Bowflex Power Pro XLU

Another one of the Bowflex exercise equipment Power Pro Xt series is the Xtreme XLU. This compact, space-saving device outlasts and outperforms most other home gym equipment in the market. XLU allows you to do over 60 exercises all for the low, low price of $19/month.

This Bowflex exercise equipment model features 210 lbs. worth of Power Rod Resistance which can be upgraded to as high as 410 lbs. The Xtreme XLU also includes all the standard features of the Bowflex Power Pro Xt, which are the integrated Lat Tower, the Squat Station, and the adjustable pulley system.

Both products of the Bowflex Power Pro Xt series come with a no-time-limit warranty for the Power Rods and a seven-year warranty for the equipment. And the product is also guaranteed to work in no more than six weeks. If not, you receive the right to return your equipment and get a full refund.

And if that doesn’t make you feel any better about the Bowflex Power Pro Xt, then I don’t know what will.