Awesome Pseudo-Keto for Bodybuilders (Ultra Low Carb)

Real keto is stupid because the low protein leads to muscle loss. This high protein, ultra-low carb has all the advantages without the muscle loss.

“Proper Keto” = FAT = 75%, PRO = 20%, CARB = 5%. Its no wonder that people who do keto “right” lose so much muscle. If you are at a 25% caloric deficit and only have 20% protein, that is simply not enough protein for a hardcore athlete who is destroying their body in every workout. Take me for example, while cutting my daily caloric intake might be 2200 calories, 20% of that is 440 calories or 110grams of protein for my 218 pounds of body weight, roughly half what I need. There has been enough feedback similar to yours though that I am simply going to change the name. I will either call this nutritional style ULC (Ultra Low Carb) or Scoob-eto.

Author: admin