Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Breakfast Cereals

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One of the foods I constantly get asked about is low carb breakfast cereals. Breakfast cereals are certainly a mainstay of many pre-Atkins lifestyles, and I am sure it has something to do with their ease of preparation and mistaken belief in the healthy nature of grains. There is an overwhelming lack of Induction Friendly cereals, but there are some options for those low carb followers who have progressed on to the Ongoing Weight Loss phase.

* LCFoods — ( ) LC Cereal Complete “On the Go” Mix – The lowest in carbs and net carbs (0g) of all three cereals mentioned. I didn’t like the baked granola recipe much, but it featured a hint of brown sugar and was filling. Despite the “Complete” title, my recommendation (and I believe LC Foods agree) is to supplement the cereal with the nuts of your choice. I liked adding tbsp of both raw coconut and slivered almonds to add to the texture. It’s a bit spendy at $8 for 10 servings, but this is my favorite one due the extremely low net carbs and quality ingredients.

* Nutritious Living – ( ) Hi-Lo Maple Pecan Cereal. This one is the highest in protein of the three reviewed, but is supplemented by soy protein, which I am not a huge fan. It tastes OK, but a little like cardboard. It’s mid range in carbs at 6g net carbs with 7g of fiber per serving. It also contains wheat gluten for those that are sensitive to it. Price-wise, it is equivalent to regular cereal $4-5 per 10 servings.

* Kellogg’s All Bran “Bran Buds” – the only regular commercially available brand in the list. It is about double in net carbs as the Hi-Lo cereal, but also has twice the amount of fiber as well. Overall, it doesn’t contain much in the way of sugar, but the glycemic load left this one exclusively in the realm of pre-maintenance and maintenance for me.

Finally, I wanted to offer a final recipe for those who want to make their own cereal. It is from the Craving Sugar blog:
I made mine with perhaps more readily available ingredients rather than chipping the coconut myself, but this low carb granola is really good.
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