Atkins Diet: OWL – End of a Good Thing?

This video deals the question “So when can I eat oatmeal again?” that I sometimes get. The answer is you guessed it a personal one, “it depends.” The main goals of the Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) phase is to determine two things:
* your reaction to the new foods you add back into your diet
* your Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing (CCLL)

There is also an understood goal as well by the name — that is weight loss continues to happen. Who would want to do something on a diet with 100 pounds to go if you weren’t going to eventually get to goal? Well, rest assured that the OWL phase will get you to your goal weight as well, but you will get there knowing there are no hidden pitfalls of untried foods and knowing how far you can progress up the carbohydrate ladder with no fear.

It puts Atkineer in control of their diet, and personalizes the diet even more to their taste. You add the rungs you will eventually want to try and skip those that either hinder your efforts by triggering cravings or that no longer appeal to you.

Here are the rungs:
1. Vegetables
2. Dairy
3. Nuts and Seeds
4. Berries and Melons
5. Wine and low carb liquors
6. Legumes/Beans
7. Fruits other than berries
8. Starchy Vegetables
9. Whole Grains

Rules of OWL
1. Keep protein and fat as the mainstays of your diet.
2. Increase your daily carbohydrate intake by no more than 5 grams each week.
3. Add new foods in the order listed in the carbohydrate ladder.
4. Add one new food group at a time.
5. Eat a food item no more than three times per week to start, then eat it daily.
6. Stop new foods immediately if they provoke weight gain, the return of physical symptoms lost doing Induction or increased appetite or cravings.
7. Continue doing OWL until you have five to 10 pounds left to lose from where you start premaintenance phase

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