Atkins Diet: Low Carb Fried Chicken (IF)

In this cooking video, I detail how to make one of my staples of the diet — low carb fried chicken. You don’t have to give up the joy of fried chicken, and contrary to low fat diets, you can eat the skin too! I have fried chicken at least once a week almost. Chicken has a great amount of protein as well as delicious fat in the skin. I display 2 of the 3 methods that are among the acceptable coatings for chicken or chicken-fried foods (like Country Fried Steaks):

* Parmesan Cheese – Induction friendly
* Carbquik breading — I typically buy mine from Netrition ( )
* Crushed Pork Rinds. ** not shown Just run the pork rinds through a food processor to crush the rinds into smaller pieces. You would be surprised by how tasty this is, and how little pork rinds flavor there is remaining. I had intended to show this method as well, but Wal-mart wasn’t selling them anymore.

Here is the recipe for the breading:
* 1 cup of Carbquik flour
* 2 TBS Paprika
* 1 TBS Black Pepper
* Dashes of Cayenne Pepper, Chili Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Poultry Seasoning

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(IF = Induction Friendly)
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