Atkins Diet Health Risks

´╗┐Atkins Diet Health Risks

Made nuisance in the late 20th century, this weight- loss program created by an American nutritionist and guru has attracted plenty of individuals regardless of age and gender.

Even with all the followers it had for that aim to shed off some pounds, it still received countless of criticisms by medical experts saying that such ketonic diet scheme will most likely lead to problems that will effect in the long run of application.

Before going into the cons which is the meat of this article, here is a brief overview of how it really works. The purpose of which is really to change the metabolism by eating foods that are high in protein and limiting the intake of foods that are high in carbohydrates. Raising the blood sugar to another level is most likely the tendency.

1. Dr. Chris Rosenbloom of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) said that one of the Atkins diet health risks is that it trails down some muscle mass which is important to be able to produce the movements of the body. It is also encourages little consumption of the fruits, grains and vegetable that has been proven to be a good source for fiber or phytochemicals.

2. The American Dietetic Association advices that a person should onlu lose one to two pounds per week. Another issue of the Atkins diet health risks is that there is a sudden and drastic failure of five pounds or even more in just seven days. They are also against the intake of high in fat because it increases cholesterol that leads to conditions such as heart attacks.
3. In an evaluation released by the American Institute for Cancer Research, their assessment on the Atkins health risks were quite alarming. According to them, the ketogenic diet tends to promote the loss of water weight. If such will be maintained, the body soon alters to the fasting state where it begins to break down tissues instead of the fat. It can be fatal where the aftermaths are bad breath, nausea, dehydration, headaches, irritability and kidney problems.

4. Another of the Atkins diet health risks is that it restricts carbohydrates where it causes gastrointestinal difficulties such as constipation. Also, the huge amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat prescribed can usher to an increase of heart disease and worst, cancer. There was recent study which featured excessive protein can percolate calcium from the bones that gives rise to osteoporosis.

5. The major pitfall of such program is that it encourages the person to learn some very basic weight management techniques such as portion control and serving sizes but never the development of a lifetime balanced nutrition. It is more than one of the Atkins diet health risks because chances are, that individual will go back to his or her previous weight and chances, psychological issues will follow such as depression.