Atkins Carb Counter

´╗┐Atkins Carb Counter

Made popular by the late American nutritionist guru, Dr. Robert Atkins, a ketogenic diet is where you substitute carbohydrates with fats and proteins. Applying such scheme will entail 70% of calorie intake from fat with a total daily carbohydrate intake of 10%.
This works by focusing on consuming fewer carbohydrates for a period running for two weeks. After, the weight- loss program is modified where the intake of carbohydrates increase in a single day. It is then the process termed as induction, a preparation for the next phase called ketosis. It is a state wherein the body turns the stored fat into energy.
Like every diet looking at the nutritional facts is essential when trying to best monitor what you eat. The Atkins diet is no exception and when going on the diet you must check your intake of carbohydrates daily. Atkins Diet rely heavily on the monitoring the intake of carbohydrates and there are many ways that conveniently help you monitor your carbohydrates. For example, there is a free carbohydrate gram counter on the official website of the Atkins diet. They have organized for you an Atkins Carb Counter that is broken down into categories such as fruits, vegetables, alcohol, rice, and seafood. These categories are then put in to detail and describe each items total carbohydrates, fiber, net carbohydrates, fat, protein, and calories. For example if you were to eat 1 medium sized banana this chart would tell you that its total carbohydrates are 26.7 grams, has 1.2 grams of protein and 105 calories.
In this day and age, the use of technology has been able to intertwine to our everyday tasks. Technology even is able to help us with our Akins carbohydrates counter log. There is now Atkins carb counter software that helps you to easily monitor and log your carbohydrate intake. For those on the go and use a Palm as their daily planner, there is now software for the Palm so you can easily log your carbohydrates and refer when wanted to see how many carbohydrates are in a food item. There is also Atkins carb counter software for your PC at home and Pocket PC. Along with being about to keep a log and easily refer to a food item the ability to set goals and track them is available. Keeping a journal and statistics are even easier to do with this new software. Atkins carb counter technology such as an informational website and software make Atkins dieting easier.