atkins bars

atkins bars

Most people on the Atkins eating plan think about trying the Atkins bars. Though these have their place in the diet, they should be used with caution. The Atkins company is no longer run by Dr. Atkins, as he has passed on, and some of the changes they have made do not necessarily reflect his idea of what this eating plan is all about. It is a personal decision of course, but those wondering about them in the early stages of the plan may want to hold off.

During the induction period of the diet, and through most of the ongoing weight loss rungs, these are not going to help much. They have too many ingredients that are not quite legal in the eating plan yet. Those who eat the Atkins bars too early may notice they have stalled and are not losing weight. They may not think it is the bar because it has the Atkins name on it, but this has been a problem for many who have found that they stopped losing. Once they stopped eating the bars, they started dropping weight again.

However, once a dieter has gone through most of the rungs and is eating a higher number of more diverse carbohydrates, they may find a great place in the eating plan for the Atkins bars. One great feature of Atkins is that most on the plan will lose most of their appetite, and that is part of the secret of why it works. The Atkins bar might be something that would make a great breakfast or even lunch for those who simply don’t feel like eating, but know they should be eating something. They should only do so once they have been on the plan for a while though, and they should watch how they feel after eating one.

Atkins bars are not a no-no, and they certainly have a place in this eating plan, but a person should use caution. Try them one or two days for one week to be sure they agree with your body, and then add more in if you like. It might be tempting to try them early on, but anyone hoping to succeed should give it a few months before they try them to be sure their system is ready to handle them without adverse affects to their eating plan. When it comes to finding something simple and easy, the Atkins bars are great when appropriate.