Adult Onset Diabetes Diet

´╗┐Adult Onset Diabetes Diet

A good adult onset diabetes diet consists of a low carb, low-fat eating plan loaded with foods that have a low glycemic index. As a diabetic you need to eat healthy foods that will not cause your blood sugar to go up too high. If this does happens you will hear it referred to as a blood sugar spike and if it happens too often you may need to have your doctor adjust your insulin or your oral medication dosages.

Keeping your blood sugar on an even keel really is not that hard. Eating the right amount of food, with the right kinds of carbs balanced with protein and fats and eating each meal at as close to the same times everyday that you can is what is most important. The more consistent you are the more consistent your blood sugars will be.

If you are an overweight diabetic then using a low-glycemic index diet may even help you shed some extra pounds as well. Who knows, if you are a type II diabetic your diabetes may improve or even disappear altogether if you slim down. Give an adult onset diabetes diet a shot, what have you got to lose?

Carbs with a low-glycemic index are those made from whole grain. You can find whole grain in cereals, breads, whole wheat pasta, and brown rice. Try to stay away from refined carbs like white sugar and rice, they really have no significant nutritional value unless they are fortified which only means someone put back a portion of what they took out during processing in the first place.

Eat all natural foods and the fresher the better. Fruits and vegetables are a great way to get good carbs into your diet. Fruit has natural sugar in it and can bring your blood sugar up quite rapidly so always eat your fruit with some protein like peanut butter or yogurt to keep your blood sugar within range.

If you ever have an occasion when your blood sugar goes too low, called hypoglycemia, you need to get something in your system as quickly as you can. Most people drink some orange juice and, depending on how low their blood sugar is, mix in a little sugar.

I will go you one better though. If you can manage it at the time, eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Wash it down with some orange juice to give yourself an extra little boost but know that the honey will raise your blood sugar level quickly and then the peanut butter will help stabilize it so it does not act like a yo-yo.

Every one is different and while some people can still function quite well even when their blood sugar falls to 40 mg/dL others will have major symptoms when their blood sugar reaches 70 mg/dL.

Following an adult onset diabetes diet is the best way for you to keep your blood sugars from spiking and/or going too low. Be good to yourself and eat healthy to stay healthy.