10 Food You Should Avoid On Paleo Diet

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Here is 10 Food You Should Avoid On Paleo Diet:
1. Grains.
Paleo diets cut out the grains, which is why they’re often confused as being grain-free diets or gluten-free diets. Grains represent one of the biggest tiers of that pyramid, with meats forming the tiniest sliver, which means the Paleo diet is going against much of what your brain has been pummeled with since you were a kid.

2. Fast Food
Nothing that comes out of a fast food restaurant would be considered Paleo, and would actually be considered the opposite of Paleo for how much engineering goes into every morsel they create. For Paleo followers these slingers of burgers and fries are to be avoided entirely.

3. Junk Food
Paleolithic man was bent on survival, which didn’t leave much time for food that leaves you feeling fat and gross. Junk food represents a quick snack designed to tantalize your taste buds with chemicals created in laboratories for that very purpose. These snacks are typically devoid of any nutrition, contain mostly fried corn or potatoes in one form or another, are heavily salted with industrial grade salt or are sweetened with ultra-sweet sweeteners.

4. Partially Hydrogenated Oils
Early man just didn’t have the capacity or the resources to try and figure out how to make oil sit on the shelf for months without spoiling. But today’s major food corporations needed a way to do just that, and invented partially hydrogenated oils to extend the shelf life of foods. This has lead to many commonly available foods having trans fat in them. In response to public outcry on how unhealthy trans fats are, these companies have been forced to come up with new ways to either hide the trans fat or newly created oils that don’t have trans fat, but are likely just as bad for the body and soul.

5. Sodas
It’s easy to understand the beverage of choice for early man: pure water. Often written off as empty carbs, they often contain caffeine which is not a natural substance for humans, and not a chemical that is consumed while following a Paleo way of life. Sodas are often linked to conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and even cancer.

6. Dairy
Because it comes from animals, dairy seems like it would be on the approved list, but it isn’t, at least if you want to be strictly Paleo. This is one item that causes some disagreement, but there’s simply no way that early man was in the habit of drinking milk, or in a position to make dairy products like cheese and yogurt. By the very definition of the diet you would renounce these things as mistakes made by Neolithic man and strengthened by modern man.

7. Artificial Ingredients
Many of the artificial ingredients commonly found in foods eaten daily by the majority of Americans were created in the last 100 years, some even more recently. Once you go down the rabbit hole on artificial ingredients you’ll be blown away by just how much stuff is consumed that doesn’t contain natural ingredients.

8. Processed Foods
How much a food has been processed is sometimes a blurry line. If you’re buying it in a box, or if it won’t spoil, it’s probably been processed. The exception to this is canned food, which technically wouldn’t be Paleo because they didn’t can their food back then. This is one of the hardest aspects of the Paleo Diet to keep in mind because processed foods account for a large majority of the food you find in the supermarket or grocery store. Ideally you’d want to avoid the big food stores like this and buy your meats from a butcher, and your fruits and vegetables from a farmer’s market.

9. Legumes
This one is tough because legumes come from the earth so you’d think it’d be OK and get the green light. This rule puts the kibosh on such ubiquitous foods as beans and peanuts, and on foods often considered healthy like peas and lentils. It’s the phytic acid that’s being nixed here, and is the same reason why you’re not going to be eating grains when eating Paleo.

10. Potatoes
Potatoes are such a staple food that this one might be hard to avoid. It’s also hard to wrap your head around why you can’t have it. Since it’s grown in the ground it would only seem natural that early man would have stumbled upon some wild-growing potatoes.

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