10 Celebs Who Had MASSIVE Weight Loss Transformations

10 famous people who have incredible before and after pictures because of their weight loss.
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It’s a very brave thing to lose weight – but it’s especially admirable if it’s your own personal decision. Celebrities go through all kinds of appearance changes, often for the improvement of their image – but weight loss is a different story. Many celebs lose weight for the same reason – to placate viewers and attract headlines – and some actors even gain pounds for the sake of their roles, like what Christian Bale has done so often. However, these adjustments are all contingent on viewer appreciation. It’s all for show – nothing more. But a time comes for many celebrities when life, real life, surpasses celebrity life in importance. Whether it’s because of health concerns, for internal well-being, or for the sake of spouses and children, celebrities eventually do what’s good for themselves and their own, and we couldn’t be prouder when it happens. When it happens to the larger celebrities, our collective jaws drop. The altering of priority comes with the altering of appearances, which is what happened to the big – and now not so big – celebrities you’ll see in this video. It’s shocking at first, but we’ll get used to it. And if we don’t, who cares? They certainly don’t.

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